Gardening Tips and Tricks : Tools and Materials Needed For Propagating Orchids Correctly

Propagation is a great way to keep the orchids that you grow thriving for many years into the future. If you know how to properly perform orchid propagation you can use this technique over and over again for every plant that you decide to grow. Propagating orchids will take some time to get the hang of it and once you start using this orchid care tip you will definitely see a difference in the health and beauty of all your flowers. Use these simple tips and you will be amazed at how effective propagating orchids can be.

The first thing you will need to do is to remove your plants from the pots that they are residing in. First there are some things that you will need to consider before you start removing these orchids from their home. You will need to purchase a new pot or use one that may be lying around your house in order to transplant them to a new resting place. This pot should not be too big for the plant you are re-potting, but it should have enough space that the plant will fit inside of it fairly easy. If you get a pot that is too big for your plant the roots will not be able to soak up all the water and could be exposed to fungal or bacterial diseases.

Once you have chosen the pot that you want to use with your plants it’s time to get the right orchid mix for propagating orchids. You cannot re-pot them in basic potting soil as you would with many other types of flowers. Orchids require a mix of different materials in order to survive and flourish in their new pot. You should always use a mix of materials rather than just using one piece of material for your new flowers. You can either use organic or inorganic mixes. Both types are great and can help you produce amazing and beautiful flowers. Organic mixes contain things such as coconut husks, redwood bark, fir bark, sphagnum moss, and tree fern fiber. Inorganic mixes contain lava rock, charcoal, alifor, and pearlite. If you experiment with these different materials you can find what works the best with your different plants. Use these mixes whenever you are propagating orchids.

Drainage is important for your plant and propagating orchids so you will need materials that will ensure proper water flow for your orchids. There are many materials that you can use in this process, but some of the most common are clay pieces, stones, or Styrofoam peanuts. Place these materials at the bottom of your pot just before planting your flowers.

You will always want to have sanitized tools whenever working with plants especially orchids. You will need pruning clippers and a knife for removing dead leaves or roots from your plants. Any type of pruning shears should be adequate for propagating orchids. Be sure they have been sanitized to prevent bacterial infections. You will also need a stake and ties to keep your plant from falling out of its pot. Keep it tied until the roots take to the soil and rooted into it as well.

These are the basic materials that are needed when propagating orchids correctly. Get these tools ready the next time you propagate your orchids.

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