Gardening Tips and Tricks : The Depth of an Evergreen Tree’s Roots

The evergreen tree is one of the most popular trees that are used in home landscaping. An evergreen tree is a symbol of beauty and simplicity. The evergreen tree provides the winter landscape with color even during the coldest of months. Many homeowners love to have evergreens as part of their landscaping. This is because the evergreen tree is not only beautiful but the shrub that is part of the species of evergreen is a perfect privacy hedge. This is a gorgeous way to ensure privacy while in your yard. There are many practical and decorative purposes of the evergreen tree.

Species of the evergreen tree include white fir, techny, smaragd, blue dwarf, and rocky mountain fir, Douglas fir, rocky mountain juniper and many more. Each separate type of evergreen tree requires different environmental factors in order to grow healthy and strong. When each the environmental factors is ideal such as soil, sunlight, climate and temperature then the evergreen tree will plant deep roots and grow relatively fast. The lifespan of a healthy evergreen tree can range from two to seventeen years depending on the species of evergreen tree.

Before an evergreen tree is planted it is very important that one calls the utility companies in order to mark the exact location of any underground lines. This will avoid damaging the lines when planting an evergreen tree. One wants to prepare the soil before planting the soil. To prepare the soil add organic materials such as peat moss, aged manure, compost, shredded leaves and sphagnum. The organic materials should be a one to three inch layer around the planting area.

The home gardener may want to extend the planting area of the evergreen tree by several feet in each direction from the planting spot. Rototill or spade the organic materials into the soil. After this last step has been completed make sure to dig ten to twelve inches deep before planting. A variety of evergreen tree can be planted together as long as there is adequate space. After all of these steps have been completed the evergreen tree can be planted. As the evergreen tree grows the root structure will become deeper and more complex.

The evergreen tree is most commonly found in the eastern part of the United States but there are certain types of evergreen species that are native to the western United States. If you wish to invest in evergreen trees you want to make sure that you choose an evergreen species that is appropriate for the environment. For example a western evergreen tree would have trouble in the east.

Many people do not know that most Christmas trees are a type of evergreen species. This is just one fun fact of evergreen trees. The evergreen tree is a wonderful addition to any home. If you want more privacy and want to increase the value of your backyard you may want to consider investing in evergreen trees. Evergreen trees are a terrific investment that adds beauty and grace to a home.

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