Gardening Tips and Tricks : The Advantages Scaffolding Towers Have Over Traditional Scaffolding

Scaffolding towers are a relatively new to the market and they seem to be becoming rather popular.

The traditional method of constructing scaffolding was complicated and required a person (or team of people depending upon the scale of the project) that was skilled in that scaffolding construction to safely erect a scaffold structure. A number of severe accidents in the past few years have occurred, so it is no surprise that scaffolding bodies have been set up that govern how scaffold structures are erected.

However, there were many situations where the traditional scaffold construction method was simply overkill. For the occasional use tradesman and very light use DIY user, setting up a scaffold structure was way too much hassle – this has given rise to the now popular scaffold tower as we now know it.

The scaffold tower has these five key advantages of the traditional pole and board method of constructing a scaffold structure:

One Person Construction

A scaffold tower can be safely assembled by a single person. Even towers that go to 30ft and beyond can be put together by just one person in a matter of hours – it’s a simple matter of methodically fitting together the parts of the kit.

Light Weight Components

Lighter components have not only allowed one person to safely erect a tower – it has also made transporting the tower a much simpler task. Without the weight of galvanized steel poles the scaffold frame (if it will fit) can easily be transported in the boot of a normal car.


Towers that come as a kit are much quicker to assemble than the traditional method of scaffolding. All of the guess work is removed and consequently less errors are made. The tower can be whipped together in no time at all.


Aluminium is a non-ferrous material and as such will not corrode. Therefore if you but an aluminium tower it will more than likely wear out before it rots so it really is an investment. If you look after the components of the tower it will serve you well for years to come.

No Specialist Knowledge Needed

The fact that most scaffolding towers come with a comprehensive set of instructions means that putting them together is easy. There is no way that the tower can be assembled incorrectly – they simply won’t go together in any other way than the right way. This coupled with the fact that many sets will come with adjustable legs makes it very easy to set up a tower on uneven ground. Previously this would have been a major engineering feat to have overcome if using the traditional scaffold construction sets.

Source by Tom Framer

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