Gardening Tips and Tricks : Preparing the Water for Your Koi Pond

When you have Koi in your garden pond the water must remain in a shady area. You will have to check the water’s pH levels regularly. Any acidic content in the water can be damaging for the Koi fish in your pond.

Koi ponds have to be filled, drained and re-filled many times. You must assure yourself that your pond is absolutely cleared of all damaging impurities. And, as follows, you must maintain the cleanliness of your garden Koi fish pond.

There are many precautions you can take to assure that your koi pond is completely prepared to be the home of beautiful Japanese Koi fish.

1) Aeration and Water Filtration Systems

o Be sure to use the highest quality filtration systems for designing and preparing a Koi pond – this is very important. Without taking the proper steps to avoid making your pond a deadly home for Koi. Often, a person who loves the hobby of gardening and is dedicated to maintaining a Koi pond will consult a professional for a recommendation on the very best merchandise available.

o It is very important to have a mechanical filter, a mechanical filter is recommended by virtually any professional you talk to.

o Chemical filters are a good idea if you if you have purchased young koi for life in your pond, before they have completely matured.

o In addition, if you choose a biological filtration system you must give the system a certain period of time to become filly affective.

More tips:

2) Purchasing Koi Fish

o Koi are a kind of fish with many different species available for garden ponds in an extreme variety of sizes, shapes and an array of beautiful colors to choose from.

o You can introduce any combination of fish for you Koi pond, you can have groups of the same kind of Koi, or you can have a group of Koi consisting of several different kinds.

o Whether you choose Kohahu Koi, Shusui Koi, Showa Koi, Utsuri Koi, Ogon Koi, Tancho Koi and many, many more types of Koi fish to choose from.

3) Caring for Koi Fish in Your Koi Fish Pond

o There are mechanical, biological as well as UV filters for your Koi pond. The number one rule is to keep your Koi garden pond water clean.

o Have at least two drains at the bottom of your Koi pond.

o Make sure you know what chemicals to check for, and have the chemicals you may need to adjust pH levels in your Koi fish pond available at all times.

o Be sure to make a regular schedule for checking the cleanliness of your Koi pond – no matter what kind of Koi fish you have.

When you want to keep Koi fish in your garden pond, you need to create specific conditions for them. Do not simply introduce Koi to your pond water. Any impurities in the water could be dangerous for your Koi fish. The pond conditions for a Koi fish pond are complicated. Many people attend groups and seek consults from other gardeners to give each other advice.

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