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The orchid family is one of the largest groups of floral plants in the world, growing everywhere except in Antarctica. It has close to 35,000 species and more than 100,000 hybrids. That makes it one of the most diverse groups of plant with numerous shapes, colors, sizes, fragrance and stunning patterns! With various orchid information around, we can learn and reap the benefits this exotic plant has to offer.

Doctors and psychiatrists may encourage gardening as an activity that will help remove tension. According to some research, caring for orchids or other plants help divert the attention from stress and anxieties. This acts as a channel to focus negative energy to something worthwhile. This energy is then transformed into a more friendly and positive caring energy. It is really amazing to see how taking care of simple things like orchids, flowers and plants can affect the human body as well as the mind.

Planting orchids in the garden or inside the house is one way to inexpensively beautify your home and garden. It enhances the natural beauty around you and perks up your surroundings. With the bright, wonderful colors and various beautiful patterns of the flowers, you don’t need other sculptures to beautify your garden or home.

Orchid information tells us that we get vanilla extract from orchids. Besides vanilla, there are other foods derived from orchids. These are common in Asia Minor.

The Early Purple Orchid, Orchis mascula, are ground to a powder and used to produce hot beverage called “salep” used in Turkish ice cream. Salep pudding is a popular desert derived from this orchid.

Orchid flowers are made into tea. The flowers of Dendrobium chrysotoxum are traditionally collected in April and are fast dried and sealed. These wild orchids are said to free a person from nightmares. It is also prescribed by local Chinese doctors to lower blood pressure and guarantee trouble-free sleep.

There is no doubt that the Chinese were the first to cultivate and describe orchids, and the first to point out its medicinal properties. One Chinese medicine made from orchid is called “Shihu,” which is derived from several Dendrobium species. Their suggestive uses are for indigestion, rehydration, as anti-pyretic, help increase white blood cells and reduce fidgeting. The Chinese uses it for stomach and lung cancer, since it is believed to create anti-cancer activity for the stomach and lung cancer cell lines.

In conclusion, besides being beautiful to look at, orchids can provide us with practical benefits such as source of food, beverage, a decoration to a garden or inside the house, as medicine, a source of skin care and beauty and as a relaxing hobby. There are more benefits you can learn about this plant as you seek for orchid information.

In order for you to enjoy the benefits of this exotic plant, start your own little garden of orchids, outside or inside that house for it will surely bring you pleasure as you care for it and reap its remarkable benefits in the future.

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