Gardening Tips and Tricks : Makita Power Tools – A Long History of Quality

The Makita Corporation is a Japanese tool giant that manufactures more than 450 quality commercial grade and personal-use power tools. The company has a long tradition of making machines that can stand the test of time and tough construction jobs.

Those buying their wares can be sure they are getting top quality products that are guaranteed with a one-year warranty against any material or workmanship defects.

The History

The Makita Corporation started more than 90 years ago in 1915 in Anio, Japan. Since then the company has grown immensely, with factories in Japan, China, Germany, the UK, the United States, Mexico, Canada and Brazil.

The main focus at the corporation today is on cordless power tools that are handy for construction and repair jobs on the go. And the company is no stranger to success – the company did roughly $1.8 billion in business worldwide last year.

The Philosophy

The Makita management philosophy, as stated on the company’s website, is four fold. First, the company believes in a harmonious existence with society, meaning ethical behavior at all times and observation of laws and regulations.

Second, Makita professes to be a market driven or customer-driven company. Third, the company seeks to maintain a “sound profit structure” and finally, the corporation expects its more than 10,000 employees to perform each day at their personal best to contribute to a happy corporate culture.

The Quality

The corporation has very strict standards when it comes to quality. It uses only top quality raw materials for its motors, including premium-grade steel armature shafts and gears, which results in efficient, long-lasting power tools, including many best-in-class awards.

Makita also uses 97 percent pure magnetic copper wire in its motors that allows them to perform under extreme heat. For the most efficient flow of electrical current and maximum power, the devices are also made from premium-grade magnetic steel.

In order to ensure the quality of all its machinery, the company performs at least 19 quality checks on each motor before it leaves the factory. These tests include “electrical resistance, surge durability, and mechanical efficiency” according to the company’s website. It also heat treats the gears and shafts that make up its motors to increase the longevity of each one. And every device undergoes a 3-Minute Final Run Test to make sure everything is performing to its highest level.

In fact, one of Makita’s marketing slogans promises that its tools are so easy and comfortable to use that “when the job is done, you’ll still have energy to do the things you love.”

The Warranty

Power tools from Makita can be returned for a refund or exchange during the first 30 days after purchase, regardless of the reason. During the first year, if you discover any defect in the workmanship or materials, you can return the tool for a replacement or a repair at the expense of the company.

And of course, Makita customers can enjoy the benefits of the service centers around the world. These offer free technical support from factory trained technicians. In some areas you can receive free pick-up and delivery of repair jobs as well as free loaner tools while your tools are repaired.

Makita power tools are made with care and quality and the company rewards its customers even long after the purchase with helpful support and limited warranties.

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