Gardening Tips and Tricks : Hydroponic Gardening – Grow it in the Bath Tub!

Do you have an extra bath tub in your house? One that no one uses? If so, then you have the perfect place for growing your hydroponic indoor garden!

Now why would you want to use the bath tub? First of all, if it is never used, then you are paying for that extra real estate it is taking up. You might as well put it to use.

Second, a bath tub gives you the benefit of having a drain built right in to your container. That way you can flush out the water reservoir on an as needed basis and then provide new and fresh nutrients for your plants.

Third, with the larger space that a bath tub provides, you can either grow more plants or grow fewer but much larger plants.

Let’s get started!

First you will need a medium to hold up your plants. In typical, outdoor gardening, this is the soil. In hydroponics, it is something else. With a bath tub hydroponic garden, you can use styrofoam or another buoyant container. The object is to keep your plants floating in the nutrient solution so that the roots can soak up the nutrient rich water.

You will also need a pump or bubbler which will add oxygen to the water. This is needed if you are allowing the entire root to soak in the reservoir. A large pump made for a fish aquarium should work fine. Another choice is to suspend the plants a little above the reservoir so that only part of the roots are in the solution. The top of the roots will get oxygen, and the bottom of the roots will absorb the nutrients.

Now you will need some lighting to help your plants to grow. You may be able to hang a light from the shower curtain rod. If not, you can rig a base for your light. The light must be strong enough to support the growth of your plants. However, since this is a small, enclosed space, the lights will likely generate a lot of heat. You may want to put a fan blowing lightly on the plants to keep the temperature manageable.

Bath tub hydroponics may look a little strange to your visitors, so be sure to explain that you have another place for them to bathe. And then watch their amazement when you serve them fresh fruits and vegetables that you grew in your bath tub!

Source by Jeanene Fisher

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