Gardening Tips and Tricks : How to Use a Thatching Rake

In order to maintain a rich and healthy lawn, it is essential for the lawn owner to follow some simple gardening techniques. Thatching is one of such techniques that help in giving the lawn the needed shape and care. It is required to remove some unwanted plant materials like dead leaves, dry grass, etc. that exist on surface of the lawn and become a hindrance in lawn development. In order to get rid of such obstacles, it is recommended to use a thatching rake, especially for small lawn areas.

Using a Thatching Rake

Also known as ‘dethatching rake’, this instrument generally consists of sharp and wide blades. It is a two sided rake that is perfect for removing dead and unwanted materials. It is not harmful for the grass and moreover is useful in getting rid of moss from the lawn area. Using a rake for thatching involves a number of steps that should be followed in the stepwise direction-

· Measure the layer of thatch on the given area of lawn. If the layer is more than 1/2 inch, then it needs to be thatched, as it may lead to fungal and bacterial infection. It also restricts the air movement in the lawn.

· The next step is to mow the lawn and leave the grass with almost 1 inch of length. This will help in making the thatching process easy and simple.

· This step involves placing the rake at such an angle so that the tines are able to cut into the soil of the lawn.

· After angling it, push the rake away for thatch removal. It is advised to use the rake in one direction to avoid any type of damage to the roots. In this way, you can remove the remaining thatch form the lawn by thatching rake.

· Lastly, you can now again seed and fertilize the lawn for new grass growth.

Benefits of Using Thatching Rake

A small thatch patch of approximately less than 1/2 inch is beneficial for the lawn. Anything more than this may sometimes result in the killing of lawn due to the lack of nutrients and oxygen. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a rake. Some of the benefits of using rake are-

· It is easy to use due to its manual execution.

· Apart from removing thatches, it helps in the absorption of fertilizer and water in the lawn.

· The right usage of rake makes the lawn look greener and healthier.

· The thatching process also results in reducing the frequency and duration of watering.

· Using a rake for removing thatches also lowers the chances of insect infections to the lawn grass.

· After dethatching, the grass grows up to its fullest, and there are no traces of dead leaves and dry grass left on the lawn.

If you want to see your lawn without the patches of thatches, then it is advised to use the thatching rake at least twice a year. The best time of the year to execute the process is spring or fall season.

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