Gardening Tips and Tricks : How to Stop Birds Eating Your Tomatoes

It is always fun to grow your own tomato plants, so when it is time to harvest, you pick the ripe fruits and prepare some marvelous delicacies with it. What is not fun is to put in so much hard work into growing your own tomatoes and then realizing that birds are enjoying it before you even get to them! If this has happened to you, then this information is right for you. You can try one or two tips mentioned below to keep these birds away so the fruits are eaten by their rightful owners.

Lightweight bird netting is one of the options you can use to keep these birds from reaching your fruits. However, make sure to consider one thing. Birds have sharp beaks and they can use it to poke at the netting if the openings are big. So, make sure to get very fine netting and just drape it over the tomato plants. You could use the stakes you planted for supporting your plant to protect it also. These stakes can be used to create a tent over the plant, however, make sure it reaches the ground so the birds cannot go under the plant and destroy your fruits.

Certain sound devices can be used to deter birds such as pigeons and woodpeckers. Choose a sound device that varies in frequency, duration, and sequence. The device will be more effective if it features the sounds of both predators and birds in distress. These features in your bird repellant sound device will make sure they do not get used to one particular sound repeated over and over again and keep them away from your plants for good.

Some people hang red Christmas bulbs on the plants. How does that help? Well, birds think that these are tomatoes and peck at them but when they are not able to feed on these ‘fake’ tomatoes, they will give up and leave.

Shiny objects can also be used for keeping birds away. CDs or any other material that shines can be put all around your tomato garden to scare the birds. However, they can get used to these objects being there and after some time may realize they are not dangerous at all. So, keep moving them around so they think that they really are things that can hurt them.

Certain visual devices such as plastic owls or scarecrows can also protect your tomato plant. However, here you should keep moving it around, so the birds think that it is a real threat to their safety. Iridescent bird foil can be cut off into strips and placed on fence posts or tree tops. When these strips blow in the wind and catch sunlight, it changes colors and patterns along with producing a metallic rattle. So, it works both as a visual as well as a sound deterrent for the birds.

No one wants their tomatoes to be eaten up by birds before they are ripe. So, you can also harvest them before they are ripe and place them on a sunny window sill to ripen for 2-3 days. This way you get to save it from the birds and use it cook some delicious recipes.

So, if birds are eating up your tomatoes, its time to take some action. Use one of these tips and protect your precious fruits.

Source by Jimmy Casperson

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