Gardening Tips and Tricks : How to Plant Rose Bulbs – It’s Easy

Most people love flowers whether it be to receive them or to have them in their garden. If you don’t already have flowers in your yard, you are missing out. Having flowers sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t especially with roses. If you would like to know How To Plant Rose Bulbs, It’s Easy.

A plant that begins as a bulb is a wondrous thing but it’s even better the next year. A bulb is the beginning of your plant and comes in many different shapes and sizes. Everything that your plant needs to grow is contained within the bulb, except for water of course.

When choosing a bulb, it should be firm and weigh heavy for its size. In addition, make sure there is no visible damage, soft spots or odor as this could indicate disease or decay. Also, a general rule of thumb that the larger the bulb the larger the bloom. Purchase bulbs that will grow well in the zone that you live and will grow well in the area of the garden in which the bulb will be planted.

Once the soil has been prepped, the bulb is ready to be planted. Don’t doubt yourself and you will be fine when planting rose bulbs. The depth of the hole that the bulb will go into will vary from species to species of plant. The nursery you bought your rose bulb at or the packaging will provide you specific information that you’ll need regarding the exact requirements for your specific bulb.

When placing the bulb into the ground, place the most pointed side upwards and if you are unsure then place the bulb sideways. If placed sideways, nature will help the bulbs sprouting to find its way to the surface. If your soil requires additional nourishment (you can have your soil tested by your local nursery) this would be the next step to add to the hole that the bulb has been placed in before adding the topsoil.

Once the bulb and nourishment have been added to the hole, nourishment will probably be bone meal which can be obtained at your local nursery, added to the topsoil and firmly press into a level area with the rest of your garden soil. Water until the ground is wet but not over saturated. Water on a regular basis and with some patience, your rose bush will be providing you a multitude of blossoms in no time. As you can see, Planting rose bulbs is easy.

If you have purchased more bulbs than you needed or perhaps you decided to wait to plant the bulbs, store the bulbs in a cool dark place. Most bulbs after they mature and in the following year, if you were to dig up your bulb you will find that the original bulb you planted has multiplied. On a final note, multiplication is great characteristic with bulbs as this is an inexpensive way to expand your garden as you can separate the bulbs and plant the new ones to have new plantings without any further expense.

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