Gardening Tips and Tricks : How a Deciduous Tree Reproduces

A deciduous tree is a type of tree that periodically shed their leaves. A forest that is composed of mainly deciduous trees will appear as if it is bare or naked during the cold, winter months. A deciduous tree usually grows in a well-watered, temperate area that has a warm, long growing season that alternates with a cold winter. The precipitation that a deciduous tree requires during the year is snow and rain. Snow is very important because snow creates moisture that stays in the soil well into the spring months.

A deciduous tree, woody vines or shrubs that are located in the middle latitudes or the topics will drop their leaves during a period of a drought. For a woody plant that is located in a temperate area the winter is the time when the deciduous tree will shed its leaves. If the winter is so severe that the ground freezes that the water is unable to be taken in by the roots of the tree then the tree will shed its leaves.

As the spring blooms all around the deciduous tree will re-grow their shade-casting leaves. The deciduous tree provides adequate shade to many plants that grow in full or partial shade. The spring time is when the deciduous tree experiences a long season of reproduction and growth. This is when deciduous trees will reproduce and create seedlings, from seeds fallen in fall, that can be seen sprouted along the forest floor. After this long season of reproduction the leaves of the deciduous tree will begin to change colors in preparation for winter.

Most temperate deciduous forests, that require a cold winter season, can be found in the Northern Hemisphere. Also, a deciduous forest can be found in three major tracts of the world. In Europe the deciduous tree is usually found in the British Isles and in France reaching as far as central and Eastern Europe. Deciduous forests have been spotted as far as the Ural Mountains.

In East Asia a deciduous forest is found in the far east of Russia, the Korea Peninsula, Northeast China and Japan. Most of the deciduous forests are found in North America and occupy the areas that are around the Great Lakes, the Atlantic Ocean and in the south near the Gulf of Mexico.

Even though these forests are vastly separated a deciduous forest, no matter where its location is, consists of the same group of plants. The plants and trees that can be found in a deciduous forest include elms, walnuts, maples, oaks, beeches, birches, chestnuts, ashes and hornbeams.

A deciduous forest is most beautiful during the spring, summer and fall months. During the winter months many people find a deciduous forest to look barren and empty. An evergreen tree usually provides the only color in a deciduous forest during the colder months. A deciduous forest is a real treat when the leaves are changing color. This is when the countryside will be dotted with reds, oranges and browns. The fall season is when a deciduous forest reaches new and beautiful heights.

Source by Patrick Desnoyers

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