Gardening Tips and Tricks : Disadvantages of Artificial Flowers

By you reading this article you no doubt know how great artificial flowers can be and how there is space in our lives for them. There are some great uses for them in the house, the office, at weddings and in many other areas of your life. Sadly though they are not all great and do have some negative sides that need to be looked over. We are going to have a look the things you might consider as bad points.

The main thing for me personally is that imitation flowers don’t come anywhere close to smelling as good as real fresh flowers. Scientists have had a good try at making a real smelling scent that replicates the greats smells of fresh flowers on artificial flowers. But nature being what it is, its a complicated job to get that same natural smell to appear on something artificial. Getting that lovely smell of summer into a little spray bottle is near impossible. Until the day comes that they get it right then fresh flowers and plants are going to come out on top in the smells department.

Then is looks, silk and artificial flowers have moved on in recent years. It used to be that you wouldn’t need to think about it, it was clear if the flowers in front of you were real and fake. Now though it does take a keen eye and a real close look to tell the difference. They still aren’t perfect. Its close but real plants still look great. There are hundreds of tiny details that nature has added over the last million years that man hasn’t got right yet.

We now have to think about artificial flowers in our home. I’m sure there are going to be some visitors in my home that will think I’m lazy for not having fresh plants. It may seem like we cant be bothered with the effort involved in looking after real plants so we go down the easy road and get care free imitations. Sit them down and the jobs done. Or maybe I am just cheap? I wont fork out for a fresh bouquet of flowers every week so save money and get the ones that last forever.

Not that plastic or silk flowers are totally maintenance free, they do need to be kept clean, no one likes a dusty house. But if we are genuinely lazy, will we be bothered with the minimal task of dusting them down? If we don’t, they end up looking terrible and bring down the tone of your home.

Unlike real flowers which don’t last long enough for them to gather any dust. They die out after a few days and we replace them with a fresh lovely looking bouquet.

There are several disadvantages of opting for artificial flowers. For me, its always going to real flowers, they are the first choice. The freshness they bring to a room cant be replaced. There are of course advantages to plastic and silk flowers, take a look online and you will found dozens of pros for them. They might be perfect for what you need, or perhaps they wont.

Source by Joanne Barret

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