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DeWalt Power Tools – History in the Making

That is how Raymond E. DeWalt the founder started. A second generation construction and mill worker promoted to the head position of a woodworking mill, he was pushed by the owner to pinch the pay of the men in order to get more work out of them. Rather than see his men be paid less, in 1922 Raymond invented the first DeWalt Tool, the first radial arm saw that did the work of 4 men and cut his labor costs immensely.

DeWalt Products Co. – Manufacturer

Two years late Ralph created the DeWalt Products Co. to produce the first of the many widely manufactured and distributed the Tools, the Wonder-Worker, a table saw with radial arm.

Rapid Expansion

The Second World War brought government orders in 1941, for tools and machinery to comply with national defense and wartime requirements.

Power Tools Progress

Over the next 24 years they steadily grew and introduced to new products, the bench grinder in 1967 and metal cutting machines for ferrous and non-ferrous metals in 1971.

Spectacular Growth – Portable Power Tools

The most notable growth of the company came in 1992 when the first portable electric Power Tools and accessories were introduced. These were specifically designed for the baby boomers’ housing boom and the increase need for residential contractors, re-modelers, and professional woodworkers.

Power Tools Cordless Revolution

Two years later again, in 1994, DeWalt launched a revolution with their cordless DeWalt Power Tools. These included drill/drivers, screwdrivers, impact drivers, impact wrenches, saws, flashlights, and the first combination drill/driver/hammerdrill.

DeWalt Power Tools Today

Today, there are over 200 electric Power Tools and more than 800 acessories, with new products being introduced every year. DeWalt Inc. makes a special effort to honor their founder and original genius by encouraging submissions of new ideas and inventions to keep DeWalt Power Tools the most innovative and reliable power tool manufacturer today.

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