Gardening Tips and Tricks : Classification And Uses Of Hand Tools

Care and maintenance of a particular appliance is necessary if an individual seeks better service from it and also fewer instances of injuries. Hand tools are among the most common equipments and their proper use entails safety to an individual. These appliances can be electrically powered like the chain saws, drills and sander which enable faster execution of tasks.

The list of these appliances is long for they have applications ranging from home domestic use to industrial applications. Classification of these equipments is done on the basis of the kind of job it is made for. The four broad categories that they are divided into are: cutting, gripping and pinching appliances, hammering, striking and driving appliances.

Handheld tools especially the electrically driven ones have improved the way work is done in the construction industry. The appliances are conveniently carried to the construction site instead of the projects being ferried to the equipments. The electric appliances can be powered by mains electricity, electric generators and a score of them are powered by batteries.

Modern electrically driven drills are among the most versatile appliances in industry nowadays since changing their bits changes their application. They can be used as a screwdriver, a bore, an auger or a drill. They consume the right amount of power for work done and have the capability to change the speed of the drill. The handle design of these drills makes them easier to hold by hand and gives a safe angle from the user. The drill can also be used to undo valve screws and remove control panels on walls.

The saw is a handheld appliance that gets a lot of use when cutting wood, plastic or eleven metals. Non electrically powered saws are very convenient in cutting small sizes of wood or metal but big sized pieces like tree trunks require the use of an electric chain saw. Small sized metals are cut by a hack saw in industries but cutting grinders come in handy when dealing with hard or big diameters of metals. Proper care of the saw blade is necessary for a quicker cutting job and safety. Electric saws pose a higher risk of accidents if not used properly.

The sander is a hand held tool mostly applied in smoothing wood and edges of wood projects. These finishes give wood a required texture and to some occasion the required patterns. Recent models of sander come with bag which are used in trapping the dust generated by sanding hence making the work environment clean.

Gardening is another area where this class of appliances is commonly used. Trimming of flower and fences is also effectively done by electrically powered shears. They are efficient in getting work done in a short period of time. Lawnmowers are also very useful in the trimming and cutting of grown grass in the garden giving a neat and superbly trimmed garden. Trimming grass with slashes is rather cumbersome and one can take many man hours in slashing a small portion of garden.

Electrically powered hand tools add the much needed speed and convenience in the undertaking of different workshop, industrial and gardening tasks. The only concern is their proper use and ultimate maintenance care in order to achieve the desired results.

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