Gardening Tips and Tricks : Capricorn – The Most Strangled Astrological Sign

Capricorn, the agile goat, is the astrological sign second most likely to die an unnatural death (after Virgo).

An extensive study of causes of death and the astrological sign of the deceased person was undertaken over a period of nearly ten years. More than 60,000 deaths were reviewed and the results compiled into a study. The intention behind this massive project was to see if the traits and characteristics of each astrological sign influenced the way they died. In particular, whether or not there was a link between astrological sign and the type of unnatural death (suicide, murder, accident etc).

The results showed that Capricorns were the second highest overall, making them the second most likely astrological sign to die an unnatural death. Capricorns proved to be the leaders (most likely to die) in four of the causes of death examined in the study. Capricorn scored highest in death by fire (equal first with Taurus), by drug overdose (equal first with Leo), as a pedestrian and also were the astrological sign most likely to be strangled.

Astrology studies show that there are two types of Capricorns out there – the agile and ambitious mountain goat, and the charming grass chewing garden goat. The mountain goat Capricorn will wow everyone around them with their tenacity and drive to achieve their goals. The garden goat Capricorn is equally capable of achieving greatness, it just needs a good kick in the butt to get moving!

So the questions raised by the results of this study are why Capricorn comes second overall in the rankings for unnatural death, and first in the four categories mentioned above. In this article, I will look at the possible reasons for Capricorn ranking first in strangling and drug overdose.

Capricorns, for all their endearing and impressive positive qualities, do have a few very unpleasant traits; being miserly with money, self-centred and pessimistic. Being an Ebeneezer Scrooge and self-centred certainly could go a long way to driving another to strangle them. In fact, aside from involvement in crime, selfishness and greed over money were frequently cited in death case studies as being major contributing factors in the strangling of the Capricorn.

The pessimism and gloominess that often marks a Capricorn personality could be a contributing factor to the high amount of Capricorns who die from a drug overdose each year (suicide). This high rate in Capricorn could also be partially explained by the ambition factor, and the trend for young successful (and not so young) people to take drugs as a status symbol or risk taking activity.

Source by Claire Oakwood

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