Gardening Tips and Tricks : Black Rose Information

People are not surprised meeting words like red rose, white rose or yellow rose. But have you ever heard of a black rose? Can you imagine growing it in your own garden? Do they really exist?

Well, a black rose is just actually an exaggeration. Most often however, this term has been used as a symbol of many violent underground groups. It has become a symbol of resistance and such. When you look up in the internet, the search engine will surely direct you to some secret groups when you type in the term “black rose”.

However, a black rose is indeed a rose but is not really black in color. The Black Rose got its name from the dark red roses called bacarra. Because they are very red in color, their hues often turn into black. When you look at it for a long time, you will realize that they are in nature red in color. Yet in passing and quick glance, you will surely say that it is black. They are often associated with Gothic tales and such. They often represent doom and other morbid ideas.

Black roses are often used to form as tool of jokes especially during Halloween. For most of the people who have them or are fond of growing roses with the same tint, they just love the different look that it presents. But black roses are hard to find even in online. Sometimes, some sellers would cheat by applying tints on the flowers to fool their customers. By finding the right varieties however, you can plant one in your own garden. They can be planted and tended much like the red roses you buy in the market too so you will have no hard time taking the followings steps in planting a black rose. This may prove interesting not only to you but for your future guests and visitors. When grown properly, they can even make money.

– First, select the variety of black rose that you intend to plant. Aside from bacarra, you can also choose black prince, black jade and black beauty varieties. They are of deep red color too so you will not have a problem choosing the blackest one possible.

– Secondly, you need to prepare the sight of the place where you want to plant the black rose. Roses generally loves sunlight and as much as possible, make sure that the location that you have chosen is well exposed to the sunlight. They must at least have four to six hours a day of sun exposure.

– Do not forget to put a compost of manure in the soil that you have dug. This will ensure that your rose grow in full bloom. You may need to apply fertilizers soon but in the meantime the organic compost will do.

– Black roses are often of the bush type so you can save the use of the trellis.

– Refrain from over-watering as this is not ideal for rose plants.

Source by Gene L Frazier

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