Gardening Tips and Tricks : 3 Conditions to Avoid When Watering New Grass Seed

If you have recently planted new grass seed, hopefully you are aware of the importance of keeping it properly watered for the duration of its germination and new growth. If not, here are some conditions to avoid that will help to insure the grass seeds you planted grow into the beautiful lawn you dream of.

First of all, over watering newly planted grass seed is very bad. Too much water will cause your seeds to float up and mess up the even distribution that should have been created in the sowing process. In addition, a great deal of over watering will cause seeds to float away completely from the area you planted them in. Obviously washing your new grass seeds down the street is a bad idea. If you are using a sprinkler for watering your new seeds, keep in mind that shaded areas will tend to hold water longer as they don’t receive as much sun. Less evaporation means that these areas will require less watering in order to keep your grass seed moist. In addition, over watering newly planted grass seed can also lead to seed rot if the water puddles and sits for long periods of time. Rotten and moldy seeds will not sprout.

Under watering grass seed is another common mistake when taking care of a newly planted plot of grass. Seeds must have moisture in order to germinate correctly. If you are planning to be out of town, now is not a time to be planting new grass seeds as it will need frequent small doses of water throughout the day. Under watering is common no matter what season you decide to plant. Be sure to water frequently so that the top inch or three of soil remains moist throughout the day without drowning your new seeds.

Uneven watering occurs when sections of your new lawn are both over watered and under watered. This situation is most common when you are using a sprinkler system with or without a timer to water your new grass seed. If you have a system that can be adjusted, do so before planting so that shaded areas and any areas that might puddle receive less watering and areas with especially bright sun throughout the day receive slightly more. If you can’t do this with your sprinkler system, you may have to resort to watering by hand in order to achieve your desired results with your new grass.

Planting a new lawn is a time consuming effort that will pay dividends for years if done right. If not done properly however, you may be wasting your time and will have to start all over again with new grass seed.

Source by Jason Patton

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